Sunday, 9 June 2013

Amlapitta- Hyperacidity-Dietary Recommendations

  • In morning drink empty stomach- luke warmwater+lemon+black salt.

  • Drink cold milk ,as it reduces heat in the body.

  • Having Amla in morning is also beneficial.

  • Gulkanda(Rose petals' preparation) is very helpful for reducing heat in the body.

  • Favourable fruits:Pomegranate,custardapple,Figs,raisins,Coconut,Ripe apples.

  • Avoid carbonated Beverages-Accumalation of gaseous cabon dioxide causes burping and acid to bubble upwards.In addition,carbondioxide in aqueous solution forms carbonic acid,further eroding the mucus lining of the stomach.

  • Leftovers and other ferments such as pickles,spicy foods,oily stuff should be avoided.

  • Preservatives irritates the food pipe and stomach,so avoid tinned and ready to eat foods.

  • Avoid late sleeping,overeating,stress.

  • Can have 2-3 dates in breakfast.

  • Basil seeds or 1 spoon use in also benifitial.

  • Semolina kheer,ragi kheer,Wheat vermicilli in milk .

  • kokam sarbat ,aloe vera juice,mint juice - good in hyperacidity.

  • Vegetables in acidity:Snake gourd,bottlegourd,tinda,parwar,Cabbage,ladyfinger,Bittergourd.

  • Soup- sweet corn soup.

  • Chutney-ridge gourd,bottlegourd,onion,wood apple.

  • Avoid- Alcohal,ciggarettes,coffee,chocolates,fried stuff and mayonaise.


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