Thursday, 16 May 2013

Ayurvedic Twelve Dietary Principles -Dwadasha Ashana Vichara

Sushruta has explained the following twelve principles about the diet-
i) Food with cold potency -Persons suffering from thirst, heat, alcoholism and burning sensation and those who are suffering from internal hemorrhage,poisoning, fainting should take this type of diet .

ii) Food with hot potency -This type of food and drinks are suitable for patients suffering from disorders of Kapha and Vata and for those who have been given purification therapy. Similarly, those who are drinking sneha(oily stuff) and are very dry (Ruksha) should take food with warm or hot potency.

iii) Oily food –Persons with Vata constitution, rough skin, dry koshtha(constipated) ,performing lot of physical exercise should always take unctuous food and drinks.

iv) Rough food(Rukshan) – People suffering from obesity, have been received snehana and suffering from Prameha(type of Diabetes) should take food in rough quality.

v) Liquid Diet - Patients who have developed dehydration, thirst and debility should be on liquid diet

vii) Single diet in dayPersons having weak Agni(metabolic fire) should eat only once(1 meal) in a day.

viii) Diet twice in day – Those having good digestive power should eat two times(2 meals) a day.

ix) Diet containing medicine – If the patient has aversion for particular medicine, it should be mixed with food and given to him.

x) Diet in small quantity - Patients having low Agni should always eat small amount of food.
xi) Palliative diet – Appropriate diet given in consideration of season and place.

xii) Normal diet - Persons who are perfectly healthy should consume normal diet.

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